Thursday, July 23, 2009

Store Makeover

Having a store allows me one great, overriding, stupendous benefit: Freedom. Mostly the freedom to change things around whenever I want.

Although I'm working hard at updating the store's online site (it had to play second fiddle while I was getting the storefront ready), a lot of the design is out of my hands. I may orchestrate the vision, but the implementation is left to someone else. Someone talented enough to wade through programming rules and coding.

But with a physical location I have the opportunity and freedom to arrange and rearrange the store as new products come in to give everything a more purposeful feeling. Kanibal Home gets new products in every week and I like to change the store slightly each time. Although we have a lot of products, the main point I try to communicate is that modern and vintage, new and old can all create a cohesive living environment. Someplace that's comfortable, warm and -- above all -- feels like home.

And (as we mentioned in Tuesday's post) this week's crazy shipments brought about some big changes.

(Finally finished the antique vanity in the back of the store. It now serves as a display for some vintage shoes, scarves and bangle bracelets brought in by Kim at Oh My Vintage)

(Kanibal Home's new men's section: Kanibal Home tees and a mix of vintage and new jackets. Great vintage designer ties as well brought in by Kim's boyfriend Patrick. They could possibly be the nicest, cutest couple in the entire world. Seriously.)

(One of the many maxi dresses that just arrived in the shop.)

(Vintage lunch box. If it doesn't sell this week I may have to buy it. I learned my lesson from last time with that Swallow and the Swift necklace. I still dream about that bug.)

(Table of treasures. New Flamingo Tee in organic cotton with a Oh My Vintage purse on top of a stack of vintage etiquette books.)

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