Friday, July 3, 2009

New Vintage and Handmade Goods!

What better way to support your local community than to shop where their goods are showcased? Right now we have vintage bags and jewelry from Kim at Oh My Vintage! and some great crochet headbands and pins from artist Sofia Tome.

The best part? Awesome price points on some serious one-of-a-kind items.

(Oh My Vintage! purses)

(Crochet hair pins from Sofia Tome -- at $4.50 each they are a steal!)

(Sofia Tome's hairbands float ... giving the illusion that you have two flower blossoms perfectly positioned in your hair)


kimvee said...

Thanks for posting a blog entry with my bags. I also included your store in my entry today in my personal blog too: :) It was nice seeing you today & thanks for the cocktails from last Thursday. I'll come by next week and e-mail to let you know what day I'll be stopping by. Have a lovely weekend Kristen :)

Anonymous said...

awe. kristen...thanks so much!! the pins look so cute on your little tags. hope all is well. <3