Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Curiosity Cabinet

It's been a long time coming. I tried to hold myself back. And then there just wasn't the right space. But -- lo and behold -- a china cabinet came into my possession and I couldn't restrain myself any longer.

That said, I'm happy to introduce a newly designed corner of Kanibal Home. Now home to our very own cabinet of curiosities (just in time for the holidays too)!

(Look at that smirk! We love quirky taxidermy.)

(Top shelf items include everything from vintage bottles to butterflies, shark jaws and fish fossils.)

(The middle shelf houses a mix of vintage cameras and skulls.)

(Estate jewelry is highlighted by a turtle skeleton.)

(Oh hey, it's a white rat.)

(Rare turtle skeletons framed in a double glass box.)

1 comment:

Rena Nichole said...

This is pretty much THE coolest thing I have ever seen. I want a curiosity cabinet in our place! I have stuff tucked in boxes and stuff :/ Not on display so awesomely!