Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Live Music at Kanibal Home: Thursday at 8pm

This Thursday at 8pm Kanibal Home is hosting a special listening event for our friend and Jersey City neighbor, Amelia Hollander Ames. Many of you may have already had the pleasure of hearing this talented lady play the viola with Con Vivo, but tomorrow's performance will be structured fairly different. 

For one, we're extending business hours in the shop so listeners can mill around, sip wine and enjoy the music during this intimate, salon-type event. Secondly, Amelia will be playing a cello suite by Bach and a solo viola piece by Chinese-American composer Bright Sheng. Lastly -- and this is big -- Amelia is the only violist in the world who plays this particular Bright Sheng piece, called The Flowing Brook. It was never published, but rather adapted after Sheng wrote it in 1988 into a longer work for piano and violin.

Please arrive on time and note that this will be a fairly short presentation, spanning no more than 30 minutes of music altogether. Standing room only.

See you tomorrow!

Amelia Hollander Ames

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