Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Revamp: Kids Corner

Sometimes I get so involved in a project that I forget to record the "before" product. Because -- in my opinion -- something is only "wow"-worthy if you have an idea of what to compare it to.

So just trust me on this one. This was a disaster. We're talking a piece of furniture that should have been dragged out back and shot. But I'm a softy and I like to take in the damaged and the dysfunctional.

 A couple coats of paint, a little love, some stain and a few decorative details later and something that was destined for the junk pile is now a display piece at Kanibal Home.

I'm selling off the shop's existing shelving units to make room for some new updates, but in the meantime I needed something to fill the space. I was a little nervous about the look-and-feel of the final product, but I think it blends well with the shop. All in all it was a design success.

Here are some detail shots of the new area:

I love that moose/elk/woodland animal sculpture.

Check out this amazing vintage trunk from the 1950's. Here's a detail of my favorite part:

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