Thursday, June 4, 2009

Swallow and the Swift

Laura from Swallow and the Swift, a local Jersey City jewelry designer, just dropped off some beautiful pieces and I'm so excited. Mainly because of selfish reasons -- number one: because all of her jewelry designs are composite pieces made up of found objects and vintage treasures; number two: I am SERIOUSLY loving this vintage gold plated cicada charm necklace and really want to buy it for myself. Is it bad that I buy my own inventory?

Sorry Laura, I may be stealing/buying this bug necklace before it's released to the public. And the best part of Swallow and the Swift's designs? All her pieces are under $30.


my rationale said...

hey kristen! it's laura. thanks so much for featuring me in your store, and mentioning me on the blog. cross promotion! consider the cicada necklace yours ;) i'll try to have some more pieces next week and i'll stop by today to drop off some business cards. good luck with everything!

Leigh said...

photo, please! I want to see.