Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Junk in the Trunk

So this old steamer trunk was in poor shape when I decided to refinish it. In addition to a lovely old moth ball smell, the fake wood paper a previous owner had tacked up was peeling badly. I should have taken "before" picture, but I was set on working on it and didn't want to waste a day grabbing my camera. Patience isn't one of my strongest traits.

First step, some major sanding, peeling and general clean up. Then I used the leftover wall paint from the shop (a nice powder blue) to paint the inside.

This is the "after":

(Inside the trunk: Vintage-inspired bibs and 3-in-1 storage boxes)

I also painted and upholstered a matching wood tray (shown above).

And bam! Now we're using it as a cute display for Kanibal Home's kids items. Not only was this an easy project, but it also passed the time during that one extremely rainy week.

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