Friday, February 3, 2012

Crafts with Kanibal: Homemade Valentines

It's time to craft a little something-something for your sweetheart, ladies. 3-D cards? We're going to make them! Old school valentines? We'll bring them back! So if you're into handmade cards and you love glitter, hearts and sweet sentiments, then you should sign up for Kanibal Home's next craft class. We'll even be serving heart-shaped dessert (seriously, we're going there).

WHAT: Handmade Valentines
WHEN: Thursday, 2/9 at 7:30pm
WHERE: Kanibal Home, 213 Montgomery Street
COST: $25, includes lesson + all materials + refreshments

Per the usual, 100% of the proceeds of each craft class goes back to the local artist teaching the lesson. So come out and craft to your heart's content (participants will learn how to make 3 different valentines, from the curious to the creative ... but there's no cap on quantity. You can even make a card for your pet!).

Please RSVP to kanibal (at) kanibalhome (dot) com to reserve a spot in the class (space is limited).

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Solar Panels London said...

Gorgeous cards..what a great class! Have fun!