Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If you've stepped into Kanibal Home lately, you've noticed the shop's growing collection of taxidermy. We have a deer head, a few skeletons and fossils and a collection of rats and rodents for sale. We also have these guys for customers who want to add a little cuteness to their taxidermy collection:

(Images by Melanie McLean Photography)
In addition to the ducklings we currently have in stock, we will also be adding red squirrels and chipmunks to the cuteness collection of taxidermy. Keep an eye out for those items in late February.

And for you animal lovers out there, don't worry I'm not murdering baby animals for decor purposes. Kanibal Home has partnered with a small, family-owned taxidermy shop to source all of the shop's new pieces. These animals died naturally (we have the paperwork to prove it) and we're continuing our mission to connect and work with small businesses to bring curiosities into the store.

PS: These guys are now available ONLINE as well!

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