Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Business Saturday

Everyone knows about the craziness of Black Friday where consumers gobble down Thanksgiving to go and wait in line at big box retailers. But -- hey! -- what about the little guys? What about the mom-and-pop stores where the salespeople play with your kids while you shop and ask you (genuinely) how your day is going? Those stores have your best interests in mind all year long, so why not show them some love at the start of the holiday shopping season too.

And that brings us to SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. A shopping day dedicated to boutiques and family-run establishments. You know, stores like Kanibal Home. We love being part of the community, but also need local support to keep doing what we're doing. So this Saturday come visit us for Small Business Saturday -- we'll be serving up sweets and cider AND offering a 10% discount to American Express card holders who use their credit at the store. And what if you don't have an American Express? No worries! Just mention this blog post and we'll give you 10% off your entire order as well.

See, that's why you should love your small businesses: we really are all about supporting the community!


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