Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Listen: Jealous Sound - Hope for Us

The change in seasons always makes me feel a bit nostalgic. It could also be that I was driving through a college campus this weekend, visiting my younger sister, but this weather makes me think of time spent in New Brunswick.  I loved and hated those mornings walking to class. It was still early enough that the streets were clear and quiet, except for the rustle of leaves, and the sky is lit but grey, like someone tossed a towel over the sun. It was cold enough that my hands never really got warm and I dreaded having to take them out of my pockets to scribble notes. So I usually didn't. Days were spent flitting between classes, evenings playing rugby (this is the worse weather for it too, when the ground just starts to freeze and soft bodies ricochet off grass like it's concrete) and nights in humid basements listening to bands and drinking bad beer.

And all that was reminisced about to segue into a Jealous Sound song. I almost posted Anxious Arms, but I think the below is more on point. Hopefully I get some work done today and don't get stuck rifling through old Head Automatica and Jealous Sound songs. Either way ... enjoy.  

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