Friday, February 12, 2010

Old School Love AKA Young Love

(Photo courtesy of My Life As Liz ... yea, I went there and I LOVE that show so back off)

OK, I'm going to bring it Old School for a minute ... and not in a good, "OMG, I remember that!" kind of way.

Shoot over a comment if you're with me on this. It's Valentine's Day and you're in high school. Awesome, right? Heeeeells no. All around you the blond cheerleaders are talking in baby voices, wearing pink ribbons in their hair and screeching as they get delivered red carnations and chocolates from secret admirers. If you were like me, then you wore black, put your head down and dodged the dudes delivering carnations like they had subpoenas for you to appear for a paternity test in court.

Thank goodness those days are over. Right? Or maybe not.

Well, if you're like the adult me -- and the sight of this Hallmark holiday still makes you want to throw up (hopefully on someone carrying balloons down the street) -- then pop over to Kanibal Home and pick up something special for that someone special that A) Isn't pink, B) Doesn't have a puppy embroidered on it, and C) Is just plain cool, regardless of any holiday.

OK, awkward flashback over.

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