Friday, November 20, 2009

Violating Labor Laws = New Window

Let me just start by saying that it is NOT my fault that one of my most supportive and creative friends is almost nine months pregnant. I will also add for the record that I did not let her use spray paint or climb on the ladder (although she did anyway when I wasn't looking ... climb up on the step ladder that is).

OK, now that my disclaimer is out of the way, I wanted to give everyone a look behind the scenes at Kanibal Home. I try to put a lot of thought into our window displays and I was diligent this time around with keeping a photo diary of the process.

It all starts with an idea, though. I knew I didn't want a typical holiday window, so I started thinking about alternatives. The final product turned out to be a recycled themed winter wonderland.

(My very pregnant friend and I plastered the wall with newspaper that had been spray painted with doilies to imitate snow falling.)

(Picking out the doilies that would creep up the left hand side of the window onto the glass.)

(A detail of the spray painted doily. Obviously I'm an expert doily spray painter.)

(I always recycle, but sometimes I liked to find uses for all the cardboard that comes into the shop. And so the cardboard trees were born.)

(I hate foam. It takes up space, doesn't break down easy ... overall, UGH. For the window I tore into some saved packing supplies and even had some help making it into "snow" from my very pregnant friend's two year old son. Is this violating any child labor laws? Notice how it's starting to stick to his hair. You should have seen him at the end!)

(This stuff really sticks to everything.)

(For me, this was the most fun. We created deconstructed ornaments by casting balloons and then popping them once the plaster had firmed up.)

(Here's a glimpse of all our hard work. And the model looking lovely in a pair of Alias jeans, a Kanibal Home tee and a BB Dakota jacket.)

(The End.)

A VERY special thank you to Amy, her unborn child and young son for all their hard work yesterday. And for putting up with the cast of characters that strolled in throughout the day. I'm talking to you, man-who-tried-to-sell-me-Playboys and lady-who-smelled-like-urine-and-told-us-the-Path-employees-were-hunting-her-down. You all make retail worthwhile for all of us over at Kanibal Home.

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