Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Game of Pretend

OK, we've all played pretend as kids, but I've never lost that youthful hope and I now have a serious case of adult wishful thinking. That said, I've also attended two weddings in the month of September. If I've every seen an adult game of "pretend" it's embodied in the planning of a wedding. You make a list, check it twice and a bunch of friends and strangers your parents know buy you what you want.

So I'm going to indulge everyone in some serious wishful thinking right now (part wedding registry and part puff-the-magic-dragon-this-will-never-happen pretend):

Le Creuset Set: This is straight from the make believe wedding registry, but who wouldn't want a teal pot set? I don't know if you've ever cooked with one, but this bad boy practically makes you dinner ... and looks good doing it.

Mac and Cheese: In my ideal world I would be able to eat a tray of macaroni and cheese without ever worrying about my waist. Sometimes I would even crumble toasted prosciutto on top and eat it with a wooden spoon instead of a fork. Or maybe I'd invest in a spork to perfect my shoveling technique.

Hooded Chair: So if I'm cooking and eating I would need a house. Refer to this post to learn about my dream mansion, but with all those rooms I would need some awe-inspiring furniture. Insert several hooded chairs upholstered in a deep blue-purple velvet.

Antheia Floral Design: And of course if I had a mansion and fabulous furniture I would need some perfect flowers to create mood. I'm lucky that Antheia's is just across the street from Kanibal Home because, in the meantime, I can always bring home a couple bright bouquets or brooding little succulents.

Shwood Glasses: And this is where some of the dreaming because a little more practical. I wear glasses practically every day and I'm a HUGE fan of any wood products (hello, home store), so how cool are these wood glasses from Shwood? The best part is they retail for just under $100.

Nixon Watch: I hate gold jewlery on myself, but I LOVE this Nixon watch. I think it's because this would totally make me feel 80's spectacular for some reason. I couldn't get this exact watch, but I did recently buy myself an old Hamilton that's (unfortunately) not as shiny.

1978 Mercedes Benz 450 SL: With all this bling I would need a great vintage ride, right? Enter this sweet convertible. And maybe one day we would even get some sunshine so I could drive it.

Vespa: And the cherry on the pretend sundae? Oh yea, a Vespa. Why, you say? Because who wants to drive fancy cars around a city all day when you could zip about in a flashy Vespa? And, best of all, there's a Vespa store in Jersey City so if you want to really want some fun you could go over and check one out. Also, because my next pretend post will be about my Italian villa, everyone knows you need a sweet ride in Italy.

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