Monday, May 19, 2008

Trade Off: ICFF

The weather outside ... was delightful. But for the second Saturday in a row Kanibal Home was traversing the trade show scene. This past weekend: International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).

Javits on a sunny Saturday isn't our favorite spot, but we do love the ICFF. Unfortunately we weren't that impressed. Partnered up with a reporter friend, we wound our way through the booths in record time. At the end of the show, we couldn't pinpoint any clear superstars but we did extract some favorites -- highlighted below.

Undergrowth Design makes these incredible ceramics. The silver lipstick marks on the cups and "coffee rings" on the saucers are right up our alley.

Showpony is based in Glasgow and we love their tongue-in-cheek style. The vintage purse tote bags are all printed on organic fair-trade cotton and screen printed with water-based inks. Just another example of design that is ecologically friendly and fashionable.

Hiding Place purses from Showpony. Some people have design obsessions with owls, we have a thing for insects. And we love the hide-and-seek nature of this purse. The pattern is cute and whimsical when first viewed, but inside the folds are spiders, crickets, beetles, etc.

Hello, have we met? This is a modern take on a vintage form, but we can't help falling in love with it all over again. It's just a chair, sure, but when you sit down, tuck your legs up and recline back it feels more like a cocoon than a piece of furniture. Chair by Barcelona Design.

And to end our posting about ICFF, another chair from Barcelona Design. Can't you just see this is the corner of a study or as a sexy accent chair next to your bed?

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