Friday, January 27, 2012

Love Notes

Listen up, this is a cute story. I'm not all unicorns and bubbles and baby kittens, but when Nicole from Nightingale Projects told me the tale behind their Love Notes .... well okay, I swooned a little.

Before they were even married, Adam (the other half of Nightingale) surprised Nicole with a series of love notes spread out around the apartment. They looked exactly like the below and said all the adorable romantic comedy phrases that a lady wants to hear (but will never admit).

Nicole found these little custom cards on her pillow, propped up against her toothbrush, inside her wallet and between the screen and keyboard of her laptop. Adorable, right?

So this Valentine's day pop by Kanibal Home and pick up a pre-printed pack of love notes to surprise your loved one. Each pack comes with a variety of sayings from a simple "I love you" to an endearing "I believe in you."

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